Who will help in your old age?

Buying plants at the nursery the other day, I noticed the supply was dwindling and asked the young owner if she was preparing to close for winter. It turns out she’s preparing to close forever. Her father-in-law has Alzheimer’s and she and her husband are moving to Corvallis (about 60 miles away) to help him and his wife. “They need us closer,” she said. She seemed to have no doubt about the right thing to do.
When I ask childless women whether they worry about who will take care of them in their old age, most reply that people can’t count on their kids to be there anyway. Do you think that’s true?
Let me turn this around a bit. Would you uproot your life if your parents needed you? Have you done so or known others who have? Why or why not?
I know what I’d do, but I’d love to hear your answers first.

One thought on “Who will help in your old age?

  1. In my family of 3 children, only one lives near my father. If he became seriously ill and needed help, I guess we 3 would pay for home help and visit more often. As for what happens when I go, first my intention is to have an annuity so any wealth is used up and if I live to either 75 or 100 that’s ok.Not having children definitely saves money. But it is important to put money away for old age – I’ll probably need home help before I go.


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