Full Speed Ahead

You’ve heard of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month? Well, I have initiated OctoWriMo, October Writing Month, with the intention of steamrolling through the rest of my Childless by Marriage book. Most of the research is done, and this book has been hanging around unpublished for far too long.
I am contacting people I interviewed in the past to let them know it’s finally happening and that I might be asking for updates. Shoot, they might have had a baby by now.
There’s still time to add your input on the subject. I have a list of questions I’d be happy to send you. If you never ever wanted children, you’re not the person I’m looking for at this point. I have enough comments from the “childfree” crowd. I’m interested in women who might have wanted children but didn’t because they hooked up with mates who couldn’t or couldn’t father their babies. I’ll also listen to women who just sort of let the opportunity slide by. I’d like to hear from women who feel at least a twinge of regret.
Feel free to bug me about my progress and make sure I don’t give up by Columbus Day. Comment here or e-mail me privately at suelick@casco.net.

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