Mom Club strikes again and so do the dogs

My puppies are in timeout right now. They were so cute sleeping together atop the spa cover–until I looked out the window and saw them shredding it. I took a cue from Supernanny and shut them in the laundry room, not so much to think about what they did–they’re dogs–but to give them time to find something else to chew up and me time to stop being angry. Think they’ll get through the duct tape I used to patch the cover? You bet. And wait till their father gets home.

Still on the dogs, Chico literally chewed off Annie’s collar day before yesterday and chomped it into little pieces. I saw it hanging from his mouth, ran out and gathered the bits of cloth. I thought I got them all, but yesterday morning, I discovered that during the night he had barfed up the rest of the collar, including a plastic clasp. Yikes. I hear they calm down after the first year. I hope so. At least human babies don’t have teeth.


I opened my blogger screen this morning and what did I see? Baby pictures. Come on, Blogger, some of us don’t want to see babies right now.

At last weekend’s conference, I was having a fine time at the bar with a bunch of other writers when suddenly the conversation turned to children and I found myself sitting alone with my beer and basketball on the overhead TV screen while the others were huddled together talking about school, obedience, shots and other kid topics. Once again, the Mom Club had gathered and I was left out. Ever feel that way?

I did meet with agents and editors about the Childless by Marriage book at the conference. No good news yet, but it’s coming.

4 thoughts on “Mom Club strikes again and so do the dogs

  1. This is not related to this post, but how do you deal with (step) grandchildren?I’m childless by marriage and now facing this and don’t know how to deal with it. It’s compounded with having only been married to The Older Mr Wonderful But I’m Not Having Any More Kids for only five years I’ve only just realised the full ramifications of the situation.And I’m not coping with it well at the moment and don’t know where to go or who to turn to. I’m in Australia.


  2. Hello, Australia. Honestly, I barely know my stepdaughter’s children. I have been in their lives since they were born 21 and 22 years ago. They call me Grandma, but I see them maybe once a year. They don’t call, they don’t write, they don’t even know when my birthday is and never acknowledge the gifts I send to them. My husband was not close to his kids and totally ignored the grandchildren. He’s the link and if he isn’t there for them, I’m left out. They’ve got their real grandmother and great-grandmother close by, so why do they need me? My husband also has two sons,but they have never married or had children.I think every family is different. Some stepgrandmothers are as close to their stepgrandchildren as the real thing. My dad’s stepmother was the only Grandma Fagalde I ever knew, and we were very close. But she put a lot of effort into it, much more than I have. Plus, my real grandmother had died, so there was no competition.


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