Three points of view

Some interesting things on the web this week.

A recent report from Korea shows that childless couples are more likely to divorce. The author gives as the most likely reason that people with kids feel tied down by their offspring and worried about the financial consequences. I’m sure there’s some truth to that. It’s also interesting that the childless rate among 40-something women is about the same as in the U.S., approximately 20 percent.

A writer for The Times of India argues that it’s no longer necessary to have a child to feel complete, that attitudes are changing, especially among professional women. Among the women I interviewed was an Indian professor who said her family was making her life a misery because she had no children. Whatever she accomplished meant nothing to them. Let’s hope people everywhere are becoming more open-minded. Whether by choice or circumstance, some of us are never going to have children.

And then there’s “Childless Bitch,” with a humorous rant on the craziness that accompanies the back to school season. Now for Pete’s sake, this is meant to be funny. Don’t jump on me or CB for being mean, rotten people. Admit that at least some of it is true. For example, she talked about “the return of the midget panhandlers,” kids selling candy bars and other things for school causes, and mothers going overboard trying to prepare their children for every possibility. “Hand the kid a ruler and push him out the door,” she says. Check it out and add a comment if you feel so moved.


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