The Male Point of View

My youngest stepson says he will never have children. He’s been pretty consistent about that, although he doesn’t give reasons.

Last weekend in Georgia, I talked to two men who were very open about their reasons. Alek, who runs a bookstore, is 40, unmarried and childless. He doesn’t want kids because he doesn’t like them, he says. I asked him what he’d do if he hooked up with a woman who wanted to be a mom. He replied that no woman who wanted children would want him. “I’m married to my work and I’m difficult,” he said. Okay.

Then I ended up in a cab driven by Massoud, with his wife Puran riding shotgun. They’re from Iran. Massoud has two daughters from a previous marriage and had a vasectomy eight years ago. Puran, who wanted children, had to have a hysterectomy four years ago, so they are childless, but seem very happy together. Why no more kids, I asked Massoud. “They take all your money and they’re nothing but trouble,” he said. I wonder what his daughters would think if they heard that. Anyway, biology has sealed the deal for them.

I know men who have agreed to fatherhood despite age differences, offspring from another marriage or misgivings about the whole deal, but I’m always surprised when a man states so definitely that he is not having any children, period, end of discussion.

On the heels of these conversations, I was thrilled to discover a new book, Nobody’s Father: Life Witout Kids, has been published in Canada. This collection of essays, edited by Lynne Van Luven and Bruce Gillespie, is a followup to Nobody’s Mother. Amazon has it for $16.95. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Childless men out there, I just have one question? Why?

2 thoughts on “The Male Point of View

  1. Great post.I am not sure there is a single answer to why my wife and I do not have kids. I am also not sure there is a single answer to how best to live a childfree marriage. But I am so interested in that question, that I just started blogging about it!I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.Ken


  2. Ken,I look forward to checking out your blog, too. Maybe we both should read “Nobody’s Father.” I’m sure there is no single answer to any of these questions. Life is never black and white. Take care.Sue


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