Can you talk about it?

Tiffany Lee Brown wrote a great article for Oregon Humanities about how her friends and relatives don’t seem to want to talk about childlessness. It stops a conversation cold. Meanwhile, they flaunt their babies and children and grandchildren without realizing that it’s hard for people who can’t have kids to be around them. This is a great piece which you may identify with, especially at this time of year. Try for more information on how to find a copy.

While we’re on the subject of writing about childlessness, I’m currently reading What, No Baby? by Australian author Leslie Cannold. I’ll give a fuller report when I’m finished, but this is a good look at women who are childless by circumstance. They grew up thinking they would have children, but ran out of time, picked a man who didn’t want children or couldn’t figure out how to combine babies with their careers. It’s a bit on the scholarly side, footnotes and such, but it’s a very good study of exactly the kind of women I’m writing about. We are not infertile and we are not exactly childless by choice. It just happened. For some, it’s a tragedy, while for others, it turns out to be a relief. Ask for a Christmas gift certificate to buy a copy.

Enjoy the holidays. No matter what your situation, there’s surely something to be glad about. Don’t worry about what might be or might have been; just enjoy what is.


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