Get rid of the dogs?

I’m having an $1,800 fence built for my dogs because they keep jumping over the existing four-foot fence. Don’t anybody tell my father–who believes computers are the work of the devil. He thinks I should get rid of the pups. My life is too complicated to deal with them now, he says. But these are my babies. I adopted them when they were 8 and 9 pounds. Now, at one year plus two weeks, they’re about 65 and 70 pounds, but they’re still my puppies, and they’re the only babies I’ll ever have. I can’t just give them away. They’re family.

Yes, they interrupt my work, my meals, my favorite TV shows. They have ruined the carpet and they’re always chewing up something, but I’m proud of how beautiful they are and how much they have learned. When they smother me with kisses or fall asleep leaning against me, my heart melts. I have made a commitment to them, to love them and care for them for life. When they go, I’ll get one small old lady dog, but Chico and Annie are family. Sorry, Dad. Maybe this is some of that immaturity that comes from not being a mom, but when you say get rid of the dogs, I’m more determined than ever to keep them.

3 thoughts on “Get rid of the dogs?

  1. I’m always surprised at how quickly people resort to offering up the opinion that pets should be given away when they cause headaches. VERY rarely is it seriously suggested that children should be given away when they cause the same problems you have just described!I’m glad you’re keeping your babies.I am truly sorry for your recent life catastrophes, Sue. I have no doubt your pups are huge sources of comfort and love to you right now, no matter the chaos they cause.


  2. Keep the dogs!! I just lost my last girl in the fall. Those were my companions when I was childless (and single) and during a period of serious illness. They were a pain in the neck, expensive and tied me down, but I loved those dogs–should I say it–more than I love some people.


  3. There’s nothing wrong with loving your animals as you would a human. The world needs more people like that.

    On another note, thanks for your blog. I’m married, 35, and childless, and tired of feeling like something is wrong with me!


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