Easter sans children

Well, it’s the season for little girls in frothy dresses, boys with their hair slicked back and dress shirts buttoned to their necks. The store aisles are loaded with Easter baskets and candy and toys to put in them. I remember those great baskets my mother used to sneak into our rooms during the night. Magic. The Easter Bunny had been there. And then Grandma would show up with another basket the Easter Bunny left for us at her house. We believed it for a long time. My brother and I used to compete as we ate our chocolate bunnies. I got the ears and the nose. How about you?

I also remember what fun we had dyeing eggs. I can still smell the vinegar as Mom set the little bowls with red, blue, orange, yellow and purple dye made from those little tabs that come in a kit. They still sell them. You dunk the eggs, let them dry and write on them with crayon or a white wax pencil.

Many years later, I pass those sections of stores thinking maybe I should buy myself a chocolate bunny or a filled Easter egg because the Easter Bunny doesn’t come to my house anymore. I look at the lilies and wonder if anyone will think about buying me one. Not that I like lilies. It’s the symbolism, the honoring-Mom-with-a-flower thing.

People with kids get involved with all that Easter Bunny stuff, putting together baskets, dying eggs, setting up Easter egg hunts, cooking a ham or lamb feast for the family. Maybe they even go to church. Our church is always jammed that day with lots of parishioners who only show up for Christmas and Easter. For my family, that was part of the tradition, the reason we got all dressed up.

But with no children, the traditions fade into memory. We’re not teaching another generation how to carry them on, unless we’re close to other people’s children. It’s a good job for an aunt or uncle, doing the Easter thing. If you’ve got a kid around, drag out the eggs.

On Sunday, I’ll be singing at church and possibly going to a restaurant to eat. Maybe I’ll watch a video later, glad to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

How about you? Does Easter push the childless button for you? How will you celebrate the holiday?

One thought on “Easter sans children

  1. I like remembering my childhood Easters as well. They pretty much sound like yours. My husband and I will be spending our 3rd Easter together at the local steak house like we have for the past 2 years. I love living child free and am enjoying the peace and quiet of the day. The wind is blowing and the birds are singing. Enjoy your day. How is your husband? I am a paralegal for an estate planning law firm. I know it is so hard to take care of a husband who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I see it everyday at my firm. My prayers are with you!


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