Share childless feelings in Exhale zine

My Google alerts brought me to an interesting zine called “Exhale,” which is subtitled “A literary magazine for intelligent people who have lost a baby, or can’t figure out how to make one in the first place.” You can get it in print or online. My friend Tiffany Lee Brown won an award from Exhale for her piece “The Kitchen Sink.” It’s available online and definitely worth a read.
Bravo, Tiffany.

I also discovered an interesting article called “The Men Who are Desperate for Kids,” published April 19 in the UK’s TimesOnline. So often, we only look at the woman’s viewpoint, but men have strong feelings about childlessness, too. They may not show it, for fearing of appearing “soft,” but writer Nirpal Dhaiwal tells how men who wanted children and don’t have them can feel the loss just as much as woman can.

As all the advertising media won’t let us forget, Sunday is Mother’s Day. I’m planning to duck and cover till it’s over. Someone already wished me a happy Mother’s Day yesterday. I just said “thank you” and moved on. I didn’t have the energy to set them straight.

Happy whatever, my friends.


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