Visit this magazine for childless women

Hi. Sorry about the delays. I can’t seem to catch up, but I am pleased and proud to invite you to read the winter edition of Exhale, a literary magazine for childless women. My piece, “Childless Woman’s Survival Guide,” is included. The whole issue is about “levity,” the ability to laugh in the midst of grief. Read this with Kleenex nearby. I suspect you’ll want to bookmark this e-zine and perhaps join Exhale’s discussions on Facebook.

Hey, here’s another good thing: The holidays coming up, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, don’t have anything to do with children, so we don’t have to feel left out. Celebrate. Oh, and don’t forget Fat Tuesday Feb. 16. What a great month.
Back soon.


4 thoughts on “Visit this magazine for childless women

  1. Great article! I get the “Do you have kids?” question all the time, usually followed up by the inevitable “well, you still have plenty of time.”

    I just tell them I'm waiting until I'm 50 and then it's up to God. 🙂


  2. Good answer, Addie. At my age, I don't get the question so much anymore. Instead, I have to correct people's assumption, saying, “I don't have any kids.” Thud. Dead silence.


  3. I was walking in my parents' neighborhood once and met a kid who asked me, “Are you David's mom?” I said no, and he then asked, “Whose mom are you?”

    And then there was the friend's child who, on learning that I had no children, asked, “Are you a boy?”


  4. I love it. Once I went to a Montessori school to take pictures for the newspaper, and this kid asked if I was somebody's mom. I said no. Well, then was I teacher? No. She put her little hands on her hips and said, “Well then, what are you?”


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