On the Other Hand . . .

Last weekend I played piano at the funeral of a 44-year-old man who died suddenly of the flu. Apparently it was the Swine Flu. His mother, Johanna, sings in our church choir. It would be bad enough to lose one son, but this was the third son who had died. Her husband also passed away a few years ago. She does have three daughters and some grandchildren left, but she lives alone. I can’t even imagine how anyone can bear so many losses. At least we who have never had children will not have to deal with losing them. That is a blessing of sorts.

Most people who don’t have children band together with friends or family to be their companions and their support. Johanna is doing this. But her pain is immense. Let’s remember her in our prayers.

One thought on “On the Other Hand . . .

  1. I often wonder if i had a child and lost the child and asked God to start life again without the grief of the loss.


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