Sex and No Baby

I just saw the second “Sex and the City” movie last weekend. To those who criticize its total lack of redeeming social value, I say, what’s wrong with just having fun? But beyond that, it really grabbed my attention when the question of whether or not to have children came up. If you haven’t seen the movie, I hope I’m not spoiling anything. Early in the movie, Mr. Big asks Carrie if she wants to have children, and she says she doesn’t think so. Throughout the movie, she makes a point of their marriage being just the two of them forever. One couple reacts rather badly when she tells them that they aren’t having children. I wonder now if Carrie says she doesn’t want kids because she’s pretty sure Big doesn’t want them.

We can all guess what Samantha’s views on motherhood would be: forget about it. Charlotte and Miranda both have kids. So we see at least two sides of the question of whether or not to be parents and how it affects one’s life.

Is “Sex and the City” unrealistic and over the top? You bet. It’s sheer fantasy. But even here, our characters come up against those who believe that the next step after marriage must be motherhood.


2 thoughts on “Sex and No Baby

  1. Even though I didn't think the movie itself was all that great, I did like that aspect of it. It was nice to see not having children being presented as a legitimate option and not a problem that was magically solved at the end with a surprise baby. It made me feel a little bit better and a little less like a freak being married without kids.


  2. I agree, this part of the movie stood out to me too. I am 33 and still not sure about having children, for various reasons. I am finding it difficult at the moment because there is a population explosion happening amongst all my friends. In one week, I had two baby showers and one first birthday party! I neglected to call one friend for her daughter’s first birthday and the next day she sent me a nasty message! (At the time I was visiting another friend in hospital who was having pregnancy complications.) ARRHHH! On top of all this, my credit card had only just recovered from all my friends’ weddings and then they all have babies!! One of the reasons I haven't had kids is the obvious financial reason (amongst others) but this seems ironic when every week I am buying baby presents. But don't worry I don't have any kids so I can afford it!!! Sorry to vent but I just found this blog and it's great to be able to get this off my chest to like-minded people!!!


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