The Joy of Little Voices

I have been leading the children in song at our Vacation Bible School this week. I’m finding that it’s fun. Somewhere along the way, I moved from seeing every child as a reminder of what I don’t have to simply enjoying children wherever I find them. They’re delightful, all jammed into the pews singing in their high voices, doing all the gestures, up, down, turn around, hands in the sky, hands to the ground, etc. Their young brains learn the songs far quickly than we can. Singing with them allows me to feel young and be goofy, too.

These little guys and girls have boundless energy, so I’m not sorry when they run off to their lessons and someone has else has to worry about keeping them from tearing the place apart. My music gives me a way to interact with them that fits my abilities and my temperament.

If you’re grieving over not having children, I understand. I have cried so many tears over this issue, but believe me, it really does get easier. Meanwhile, love the kids around you and know that while you are not a mother, you can play a role in their lives, even if it’s singing “Pharoh, Pharoh” to the tune of “Louie, Louie.”

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