Wise words for women without children

“Birthing is in every cell of you. You do not have to have a baby to experience the essence of you.” Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of the fabulous Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, said that on public TV last week. I was in a hotel room in Washington state, using the TV for background noise as I got dressed. Suddenly my ears perked up. What did she say? Hey. Northrup also stressed that the world needs its childless “aunties” for the all things they do.

Northrup, who is in her 50s, often talks about rebirthing and the opportunity women have after menopause to create themselves anew. For childless women, we find some peace because our body has ended the debate on whether or not we should have children. The issue is settled. Certainly it’s that way for me. Oh, I still wish I had kids and grandkids. I still ache for the loss, but it’s easier to accept because there’s nothing I can do about it. I must live the life I have.

In some ways, not having children can be a blessing. Yesterday I came across a fabulous post called “Women’s Energy Bodies–Phases and Life Cycles.” In it, blogger “mommymystic” describes the phases of a woman’s life from a yoga point of view. She includes motherhood but also discusses the role of the mature childfree woman. ” . . . In many religous traditions, a woman’s spiritual worth seems to be equated with motherhood. Those who put this forth seem to be forgetting that most of the better known mystics in all religious traditions, male or female, have not had families . . . ”

Read the whole post and be inspired.

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