Are you a family without kids?

Well, we survived Halloween, when the world is filled with little kids in costumes and a few adults who feel the need to dress up. I stopped in Corvallis that weekend and found myself in the midst of a chamber of commerce event that filled the streets with costumed children and harried parents. I saw spidermen, Lady Gagas, princesses, dogs, a ninja turtle, and more. Part of me was glad I didn’t have to deal with the whole thing, but part of me wished I had a little one to dress up and take around the neighborhood.

Our church had a Halloween party that night. The flyers promoted it as a “family” event. I knew from past experience that “family” is code for “kids.” All of the activities and refreshments would be designed for people under the age of 12. So I stayed home.

Have you noticed that everything advertised for families is actually geared to people with children? A childless couple apparently is not a complete family. It grates on me sometimes, especially now that I’m a party of one (husband with Alzheimer’s in a nursing home, if you haven’t been keeping up.)

How many people live in a standard two adult-two kid unit anymore? If they do have children, eventually those children will grow up. The word “family” should include all different configurations of people who love each other, even if none of them are children.

Now we just have to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate those holidays, the media has already begun to bombard us with images of happy families that always include children. Look around, folks. We don’t all have kids.

How are you dealing with the holidays this year? Are there certain occasions that are especially hard? Do you have advice for those who grieve this time of year?

One thought on “Are you a family without kids?

  1. I truly hate the way in which my husband and I don't qualify as a “family.” You are right; I take everything labeled “family” to mean people with kids. That's how it is meant, after all.

    I feel differently about Halloween. I love the trick or treaters. We really had a cute batch this year. Rather than having to find the perfect costume, I got to see a whole range of them. And, best of all, we turned off the light at 9:30, not having to face any children hysterical from too much sugar.


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