Do you give your pets Christmas presents?

I’m back from my eye surgery. I still can’t see as well as desired, but I will soon. All hell is breaking loose with my husband in the nursing home, but hey, it’s Christmas and my best friend is close at hand.

Her name is Annie. Technically, she’s a dog, but I think both of us forget that fact most of the time. Because she is my best friend, housemate and pseudo-child, I’m wondering if I should get her something besides another box of Milkbones for Christmas.

I don’t usually buy gifts for my dog. She chews up every squeaky toy, panics if I put anything kind of decoration on her, and already eats too much. Plus, she doesn’t know or care about Christmas–although she did eat the plastic hand off a snowman yesterday. Her favorite thing in the world is snuggling in my lap (all 74 pounds of her). All she wants for Christmas is for me to sit down for a few minutes–or share that great-smelling box of Portuguese sausage my aunt sent me.

However, I’m in the minority. Surveys by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association show that 63 percent of pet owners give their pets Christmas and birthday gifts. After all, they’re members of the family.

How about you? Are you giving your cats and dogs toys, treats or new clothes this Christmas? Do you think it’s crazy or makes sense because they’re your babies?

What about your parents? Do they give your pets presents in lieu of gifts for grandchildren?

Do you sign your pets’ names on your Christmas cards?

I’d love to hear what you think about this.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Let’s all celebrate what we DO have and not worry about what we DON’T have.

2 thoughts on “Do you give your pets Christmas presents?

  1. This year has just been nuts–one of the cats got seriously ill on a weekend and ran up a four-figure vet bill. So I think I'll probably just dig out some of their old catnip toys from the toy drawer–it's not like they really know the difference. I do usually get them one toy apiece and some kitty treats.


  2. I think the dog got more presents than I did this year! Yes, we give him toys and treats. My sisters and my mother give him toys and treats as well. It's fun to watch him be so excited.


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