Dear friends,
My husband Fred passed away yesterday after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I have been competing in the Poem a Day challenge at Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog. Today’s prompt was to write a prayer poem. This is what I wrote. Fred is still my muse.


Today I am a widow,
my husband gone from his body,
the hands that caressed me stilled,
the lips that kissed with such
tender strength left open
to let his soul escape.

Lord, as I kiss his sunken cheek
and embrace him through the sheet,
sprinkling tears across his neck,
help me to remember that this
was just a shell, and now,
like you, he is everywhere.

8 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Dear Sue,
    What sad news. Fred was such a NICE guy…helped so much put us nervous new Coast Aquarium volunteers at ease during my training 10 years ago. I miss his presence at TWC, and my dog Marfa definitely misses the lengthy “Fred massages” she enjoyed receiving from him during visits!
    Prayers and love to you, Sue.
    — Anne (and Marfa)


  2. Oh Anne,
    You and Marfa were–and are–such a blessing to Fred and me to all the people you visit. Thank you so much.

    And thank you to everyone for your comments. I appreciate it.


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