Regrets or no regrets?

Going through the files, I have found two articles you may want to read, if you haven’t already. it’s interesting how they look at the lack of children from different viewpoints.

Nanette Varian’s piece in More Magazine, “Childless by (100% Regret-Free) Choice,” gives an excellent overview of how one comes to not have children and is full of good information about life as a woman without children.

Mandy Appleyard’s “The Love I’ll Never Know” in the Daily Mail definitely comes from a different place. Appleyard wanted children, but had trouble finding the right man. When she finally did, she suffered two miscarriages and was unable to have the children she wanted so badly.

Some of us are okay not having children while others mourn the loss every day. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Regrets or no regrets?

  1. I believe a woman was created to procreate even though someone in this blog told: she (the author of the quote) wasn't. In one way or another any childless woman will regret (more or less) for not having children – because its what we are and meant to be mothers. we may not feel the grief when we are 20-30… but it will come with time.
    I fear this time when my grief comes.


  2. Its not politically correct to even suggest that childless might have regrets someday. Our society says children aren't important and you should just focus on your career. But your career cannot love you back. Your career may not always exist, you may lose your job someday and be replaced or forced into retirement. Parenthood is a lifelong job that nobody can take away from you. I see lots of lonely old men, bachelors, who never wanted to marry or have kids. And lots of women in their 50s now, who never wanted children and feel left out in society. They complain and whine that mommies get all the attention. Just as there are negative aspects to having children, there are negative aspects to choosing to be childless. Both roads come with a price.


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