Update on the Childless by Marriage book

So whatever happened to my Childless by Marriage book, the one I keep promising is on its way? Well, the book is written. I was actively seeking publishers when my husband’s illness got much worse. He died in April, and I’ve been trying to swim back to solid ground ever since. But now I’m back in business, marketing as hard as I can.

I have found that most books on childlessness wind up being self-published. Although nearly a quarter of all women today never have children, publishers don’t see a big enough market. I think all those childless women and men, as well as their families and friends, make up a huge market.

Never mind. I’d prefer the clout of a bigger publisher, but I have my own small publishing company, Blue Hydrangea Productions, which has already put out Stories Grandma Never Told and Shoes Full of Sand. See http://www.suelick.com/Products.html. If no one buys the book before March 2012, I will publish Childless by Marriage as my 60th birthday present to myself. Count on it. (And yes, I am that old.)

Meanwhile, we have this site to share our stories. I have a childless resource page with descriptions of dozens of books and websites at my main website, http://www.suelick.com/Childless.html. I previously sponsored a Childless by Marriage Google group, but there wasn’t enough action there to be worth the effort, and it was getting confusing as to what went where. If you’re interested in a Facebook page, let me know.

While the Childless by Marriage book makes its way through the publishing world, I’m also working on articles and essays and will let you know where you can read them.

My Blogspot statistics tell me quite a few people are reading this blog. Some of you are quoting it elsewhere. Thank you. I’m flattered. Feel free to share what you find here, but please, because it is copyrighted material, let people know where you found it and link back to this site.

Thank you for your years of reading and commenting and offering support. Being childless in this society can be tough sometimes. It helps to stick together.



3 thoughts on “Update on the Childless by Marriage book

  1. Thanks for bringing a somewhat “lighter” side to this conversation. I too am childless (not by choice)and get so frustrated and down with the whole situation. I enjoy reading your blog just to know someone else out there is similar to me….maybe not the same situation, but the emotions you go through are the same.


  2. I could not agree more with the above comment. I too am childless not by choice and it breaks my heart every day. Reading your blog makes me feel less alone. I am really keen to read your book when it comes out.


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