Let’s do the holidays our own way

Thank you so much to the ladies who sent kind words after my last post. This season is tough for so many people for so many reasons. It’s tempting to think we’re the only ones grieving. A friend’s brother just died. I can be grateful my brother is alive and well. Another friend’s grandson is dying of cancer. At least I don’t have that pain in my life. Another friend is stuck in a wheelchair. Thank God, I can walk.

I wanted to tell you what happened the day after I decided I couldn’t do the Christmas decorations. I discovered that I could do it, but not in the same old way. I had boxes of ornaments that my mother-in-law left us, which we had never used because the tree was always full of stuff we had to put on it. I decided I would cover the tree with these new-to-me ornaments. Then I added just a few of my own that made me feel good. The rest stayed in the box. I changed what I put up and where I put it. No Christmas stockings, no wreaths all over the house. This year, I don’t need to please anyone else but myself. That is one advantage of being on your own. Lonely, oh Lord yes, I’m lonely, and I got a pang this morning when a couple at church talked about going home to decorate the house with their kids, but I’m kind of glad to be free to do or not do Christmas as I please.

If Christmas is driving you nuts this year, change it up. If certain traditions make you miserable, do something else. If you want to eat steak and drink champagne on Christmas, do it. If you’ve always wondered about serving meals to the homeless, try it. If you want to spend the holidays in bed watching videos, go ahead (when you don’t have to be at work, of course). If people ask what you’re doing for the holidays–and they will ask–just smile mysteriously, and say “I have plans.” It’s none of their business what they are.

And thank God that you’re not waiting in line at the toy store.

One thought on “Let’s do the holidays our own way

  1. YES! I was just thinking the same thing. Creating different traditions that are not tied to past longings or to others' ways of doing things might provide the spark we need. Nice to be on the same wavelength 🙂


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