Read my guest post at Life Without Baby

Dear friends,
Lisa at the Life Without Baby blog was kind enough to display my guest post “That He Would Do This for Her” today, Friday, March 23. I think you will relate and enjoy many of the posts at that site. Lisa Manterfield is the author of a fine book, I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home,which I have discussed here before. Her circumstances are a little different, but we have a lot in common. In addition to her own posts, she invites other writers to join the discussion.

I have been informed that people are having trouble subscribing to my Childless by Marriage blog. Try clicking “follow” and then “posts” and use the Google interface. It seems the most user-friendly. Please let me know if this doesn’t work. I’m thinking about moving to a different blog host and this would be a good reason to do it. I don’t want to lose any of you.

My book is coming soon. A childless friend told me yesterday that my books are my babies. She may be right. What do you think? Are some of us destined to produce things other than human children?

4 thoughts on “Read my guest post at Life Without Baby

  1. I am going to be opening a retail shop soon. I've been working out of my home for 5ish years now and it's time to take the leap into renting a retail space. I liken my business to child rearing. It's always on my mind. I work tirelessly. Even when I want to give up, I continue. Even when I hit a wall and don't know what to do, I persist. It's mind and it reflect me in every way.

    I plan to have a fabulous grand opening and I will expect people to celebrate with me (i.e. attend the grand opening, send flowers or cards of congrats) as I have celebrated with them time and again.

    Realistically I know that a business or career really isn't the same “level” as raising a child or cultivating real relationships. I fully know that some will not think to go out of their way to congratulate me. I likely will not get the attention that those who give birth get.

    Still, deep down inside, this is my focus, this is my joy. I would love for those close to me recognize that my huge undertaking is a great struggle and I deserve some attention and maybe a little fuss.

    We'll see how it goes. Anon Sara


  2. Anon Sara,
    Congratulations on your business. It is worthy of praise and attention, not the same as a baby, but still a big accomplishment. I wish you all the best in your new space.
    Sometimes my books feel like my babies, so I do understand what you mean.


  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the shout out and for the wonderful guest post.

    I've also heard the “your books are your babies” idea. I think that my writing has undoubtedly helped my healing and coming-to-terms process, but I can't quite reconcile it as a substitute for motherhood.

    That being said, I am very aware and very appreciative of being able to pursue my creative life so fully because I don't have children.


  4. Lisa, you said it so well. Our books are our babies, but they're definitely not the same as having an actual human child.
    Thanks for the good work you do at Life Without Baby.


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