Childless News on the Web

It’s time to share what other people are writing about childlessness.

In a play on the new movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” Irish writer Anna Coogan wrote a great article for The Herald called “What to Expect When You’re Childless. She looks at all sides of the childless question, childless by choice, by circumstance or by infertility, dealing with people who don’t get it, and more.

For another view on the situation, visit the Childfree News blog. Keep in mind the author is coming from the “childfree” viewpoint, meaning she is childless by choice, but she makes some good points.

I’m always ragging on the need to talk with our partners about whether or not to have kids. Beth in the “Have Children or Not” blog often writes about this. In trying to help couples struggling with the decision to have children or not, she often finds that they waited until the marriage was in jeopardy to talk about it.

Beth links to a UK newspaper article titled “I Left the Husband I Loved Because He Refused to have Children (and had IVF Twins Alone).” It’s quite a story, especially for those of us in marriages where babies are seeming less likely every day.

See you Thursday.

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