He says, ‘We can’t afford a baby’

Over the years of writing and talking about childlessness, I have heard lots of reasons why people decide not to have children. Often it’s the man saying, “We can’t afford it.” The couple may be short on cash. They may fear that if one stops working, even for a short time, they’ll go under. God knows it costs money to bear and raise a child. This Huffington Post article estimates $245,000, but most people find a way. Sometimes I wonder if saying, “We can’t afford it” is just a way of putting off babies indefinitely. I can certainly see the validity of planning and saving money to prepare for parenthood, but many times, I don’t see these naysayers doing anything to improve their financial situation.They just keep saying, “We can’t afford it.”

What do you think? Is money a valid reason to not have children? Have you been told, “We can’t afford it?”

Did you know more babies are born in August than any other month? Must be the holidays and cold weather that come nine months before. Anyway, it’s babies, babies, babies around here. Everywhere I look, despite the cost of having a child, I see more babies. At the farmers’ market the other day, I found myself dodging moms and and dads and strollers all along the way. My friends all seem to be welcoming grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I’m truly happy for them, but I’m starting to feel kind of lonely. How about you?

See you Thursday.


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