Tasty childfree treats from the web

Today I’ve decided to share a couple treats from the web.

Visit Gateway-women.com to read “No More Nice Girls,” in which Jody Day takes us from a familiar nursery rhyme to the justifiable anger many women feel in our situation.

Then hit the Children or Not blog for a delightful link to a goofy song by a couple who decided to break up because he wanted children and she didn’t and used a music video to announce their decision.

Have a great weekend, and if doesn’t turn out so great, write a song about it.

2 thoughts on “Tasty childfree treats from the web

  1. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/living-alone-a-testament-to-freedom-or-an-erosion-of-society/article7264858/
    ” There are now, for the first time, more one-person households in Canada than those populated by couples who have children. (Only two-person households are more common.)…Today, there are 3,673,305 single-occupancy households in the country, an increase that is mirrored in the United States and a few steps behind similar trends in Europe.”
    We're everywhere and increasing *and* we're invisible or frequently seen as some kind of threat to society. *sigh*
    As usual, the comments are flaming.


  2. Anonymous, you're so right. Thanks for sharing this. Things are changing, and there are lots and lots of people living alone. We may be somewhat invisible now, but as we increase, society will take notice.


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