My birthday wish and a poem

Dear friends,
Today is my birthday. I wish I had a big family to spend it with, but I don’t. Instead, I have a wonderful friend who will join me for a walk along the beach then take me to lunch. Later I will lead the choir and play the piano at church. It looks like a sunny day here on the Oregon Coast, so I am blessed.

You know what would make me really happy? If lots of people would buy my books, not only Childless by Marriage, but also Shoes Full of Sand, Stories Grandma Never Told, Azorean Dreams, and Freelancing for Newspapers. These are my offspring.You can get them all at

Finally, I’m going to share a poem with you. I have been working on various forms of poetry. This one is called a Triolet. It’s eight lines in which you repeat the first line in the fourth and seventh line and the second line in the last line. The first, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh lines rhyme and the second sixth and eighth lines rhyme. It’s like doing a puzzle with no clues. So here’s one attempt:

Dog Mom
The dog is running in her sleep,
whimpering as she dreams here in my lap,
climbing a mountain rough and steep.
The dog is running in her sleep.
Chased by lions? Herding sheep?
I stroke her soft fur as she naps.
The dog is running in her sleep,
whimpering as she dreams here in my lap.

You are a great gift to me, not only on my birthday, but every day.  Have a wonderful weekend. Your questions and comments are always welcome.


10 thoughts on “My birthday wish and a poem

  1. Happy Birthday Sue!

    Thanks for your words you share with us and for all your kind comments along the way. Visiting your blog has been a relief on days when I really needed comfort.

    Many Blessings to you Today!

    Anon S


  2. Happy Happy Birthday dear Sue from Anonymous Land ! Your posts are a gift to the world that I look forward to…HUGS to you and to your dear dream running doggie !


  3. Happy Birthday, Sue!

    Just returned from vacation and finished your book, Childless by Marriage, on the plane. You have a true gift for telling a good story. I look forward to buying more books!

    Loved the dreaming dog poem, too.

    Hope you have a blessed birthday AND a great Baptismal anniversary.


  4. Hope you had a good birthday Sue. I have recently found your blog and I find it helpful to read in coming to terms with my own childless marriage. Last Sunday was Mother's Day here in the UK. Its incredibly painful seeing my husband's siblings with their children. I managed a little better this year than I have in the last few I think.


  5. Thanks for being here, Anonymous. I did have a good birthday, thanks to wonderful friends.
    Mother's Day is brutal, and it is hard to see others enjoying their children. Hang in there. We're here for you.


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