Can a magic spell end your childless woes?

My life was a disaster. My husband didn’t love me. He would not give me children. I was unable to conceive. We were headed for divorce. And then I met Dr. X, a spellcaster. In no time, our problems were solved. Now we have a happy loving family with three children, and I owe it all to Dr. X.
Crazy? Perhaps. But I get one or more of these comments almost every day. You don’t see them because I mark them as spam and get rid of them. They are spam, right? Usually the grammar errors and unnatural language give them away as not having been written by real people. But some of these comments sound so logical that I’m tempted to publish them. What if they were real?
If somebody offered you a magic spell that would solve your problems with your partner and enable you to have all the children you wanted, wouldn’t you try it? Don’t we all wish someone would wave a magic wand and take all of our troubles away?
When I was still fertile, there were times I hoped to become magically pregnant, despite birth control and reluctant husbands, but it didn’t happen. The Virgin Mary is the only one who got pregnant without sperm meeting egg. As a Christian, the closest I can get is asking God for a miracle. Is that the same thing? I can hear God up in heaven echoing what my mother used to say: “I don’t do miracles on demand. Figure it out yourself.”
The truth is, we have to work out our own lives. Instead of a magic spell, we have to do the work to make our dreams come true. Sometimes that means making the difficult decision to leave someone we love. Sometimes it means staying with that person even if we disagree on important issues, like children, and loving them anyway. Sometimes it means talking out a resolution, even though the hardest thing in the world is talking about it. And sometimes it means looking around and realizing that you are surrounded by wonderful children you can love, even though you didn’t give birth to them and even though it hurts sometimes.
If only someone could cast a magic spell and fix all our problems. Do you believe it’s possible? What would you ask for if you could? And what miracles can you work all by yourself?

2 thoughts on “Can a magic spell end your childless woes?

  1. As an evangelical Christian, I hear of such testimonies and have often prayed for one myself. So yes, I still believe in miracles; however, I also believe it's not that simple. A person has to take care of themselves, i.e. drink plenty of water, exercise, go easy on the cookies and pizza and on and on. Can God bypass bad health and give a woman a baby? Sure but that is where faith comes in. Either you have it or you don't. My faith is tested in the area of infertility more than any other area in my life. The short answer is yes, I believe in miracles; the long answer is yes, but it's a bigger picture such as health challenges, age, other family dynamics, one's calling in life plus their own personal goals, all those factors rolled into one big 'I choose to trust God to know what's best for me' is how I get by. I know it's different for everyone. Some will turn their nose up at my simplistic response while others say 'okay, that's your prerogative'. Although I want a baby, I'm not one of those women who must have a child to feel 'complete' or to feel 'like a woman' so I come at this from a different angle. If I do have a baby, it won't become my identity like so many women I see. Such a touchy subject, Sue. Always gets me thinking (and rambling).


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