Christmas cards without kid pictures

I almost didn’t send out Christmas cards this year. I usually send about 50 and get back about 20. Those are filled with vacation photos, kid photos and newsletters full of the achievements of offspring I don’t even know. But still, I do want to touch base with the folks with whom my only contact is Christmas cards, so I did it.

What should we childless people put in our cards? Last year, I included a giant photo of my dog and noted that I was still writing, still singing, still enjoying life with Annie. If I’d had any major vacations or career achievements that they could relate to, I would have included them, but I didn’t. I mean, I think my blogs are important, but half my family would say “what’s a blog?” and the other half would wonder why I bother. Ditto for my other publications, my music activities and about 300 dog walks a year. I lost 20 pounds and haven’t gained them back, but that doesn’t seem appropriate to share. I didn’t go to Europe, didn’t get rich, didn’t get married, didn’t acquire any children. So anyway. On the cards where I felt chatty, I noted that surviving another year with no bad news is an achievement to be grateful for. Merry Christmas. Love, Sue.

It’s one of those challenging things about the holidays. You almost want to do something impressive just so you can put it in your Christmas card and gloat because your year was more fabulous than theirs.

My friend Carol, who never had children but has a lot of pets, sends out an entertaining newsletter every year from “The Irving Menagerie” in which each pet tells some of the family’s news for the year. I love reading that one.

If we are going to do holiday greetings, we need to find a way to make it fun for us as well as for the people who will receive them. No “woe is me” allowed. I’m thinking next year I might include a humorous poem, something they’ll want to keep. Or maybe another dog picture. Maybe a humorous poem and a dog picture.

How about you? Do you send out Christmas cards? Do you feel pressure to compete with the newsletters and photos? It might be a generational thing. Am I wrong in feeling that younger people are not messing with cards anymore? At least not the paper kind you mail? Especially with postage up to 49 cents each? Do you send online greetings instead?

This is my last post before Christmas. Did it come up fast or what? So here is my greeting to you.

Merry Christmas! If Christmas is not your thing, may you find comfort and meaning in whatever you celebrate. May the new year be filled with blessings. Each one of you is a blessing to me.


6 thoughts on “Christmas cards without kid pictures

  1. How funny you post this today. Just today, when I picked up my mail, there was that one envelope I get every year. My first thought every time is “Oh great. It’s the annual Happy F&@$ing Family picture again. Please excuse the foul language… But I honestly don’t know what else to call these people that are married with successful careers AND beautiful children. Yep jealously is not pretty.

    My husband and I always took a Christmas photo for our cards but this year, due to his health, he just wasn’t up to the picture. So I sent out storebought. It seemed odd.


  2. Ah, Christmas cards. 🙂 I still send them out every year, but yes, I don’t think it’s happening with the younger generation. I send an annual letter, & occasionally a photo card of me & dh. I write about what we’ve been doing, trips we’ve taken during the year, etc., as well as updates on our parents & siblings’ families. Holiday letters get a bad rap but I have had lots of people tell me they look forward to mine, which is nice. I also enjoy getting photos & letters. The only complaint I have is that it’s always photos of the kids, very rarely the whole family. I have some friends I have not seen, in person or in photos, in well over 20 years!


  3. I still send a few. I’ve never been a fan of Christmas newsletters so I don’t create one. Currently pix of perfect families make me want to throw up. Hoping my attitude will improve.


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