Free to go where I please with no kids

I’m traveling this week, taking the scenic route south to Dad’s house in California. Things have not gone exactly as planned. The place I planned to eat lunch on the first day was closed, it rained all over my nature hike on the second day, and the towns where I have stopped have not been what I expected. Plus I keep getting lost. Thank God for the GPS or I’d still be circling Eugene two hours from home.

Living alone can be tough and so can traveling alone, but I have a freedom not enjoyed by women traveling with partners and children. I can change plans on a whim, stop at a museum or bird sanctuary I find along the way, order a sinful dessert and listen to live music with nobody complaining about the food, hating the music or asking if I’m ready to leave yet. I can sit on a rock at the water’s edge and soak in the peace and quiet. I can watch TV or turn it off.

I’m not totally free. I have financial and physical limitations. I keep getting lost. But I don’t have to focus my attention on child-friendly activities, and that’s a blessing for me. Nor do I have to plan every moment, which my husband always wanted to do.

There are other limitations to one’s freedom. Once I get to Dad’s house, my freedom will be greatly limited–and he doesn’t have WiFi. Kids are tough, but so are 94-year-old parents.

There have been moments I have wished I could share what I’m seeing with a family. And when I walked through the pioneer cemetery today in Klamath Falls, I suddenly saw my grave all alone with no family. That terrified me. And I miss my dog. But I’m traveling, my way, my choices. I wouldn’t even be here if I had school age  children because school started this week in our town. Believe me, I wouldn’t be able to write this in my motel room at 6 p.m. if anybody else were here with me.

So, what can you do because you don’t have children? Let’s make a list.

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4 thoughts on “Free to go where I please with no kids

  1. I have been to Disneyland, Disney World and many other amusement parks, more than I can count. And the gratitude I have felt every time I was able to ride all the rides I wanted with no consideration of a child and the kiddie rides was huge! Plus I enjoyed the bonus of not having to deal with a screaming kid! It’s the little things that help..


  2. “I suddenly saw my grave all alone with no family. That terrified me. And I miss my dog.” I see that all the time in my mind. My brother is never having kids, and I have no kids. It’s the end of the line with this branch of the family, and it kills me inside. (My dog isn’t getting any younger, and his arthritis is getting so bad, and that frightens me, since he’s my kid. Huge hugs, Sue.)

    On a happier note:

    I went to college in Orlando, so while I wasn’t “childless” yet, I definitely would go to Walt Disney World alone some days and ride and see and eat whatever I wanted!

    You could explore museums (that kids would find boring!). You can go to the library and have peace and quiet. You can even just curl up on the couch for hours with a good book!

    You can take a drive to see the changing colors of autumn, and listen to whatever music you want and take bathroom breaks when YOU want to!

    (This is almost cathartic for my aching heart…I think we need more posts like this!)


      • 😦 Our dogs are our babies, so at least we’re getting nurturing in, and they get loving parents, but it’s super hard when they’re getting older. Hugs!!!


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