Am I a "Velcro daughter?"

Sunday we celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday with a big party in San Jose (You can read about it at my Unleashed in Oregon blog.) As usual, I sat with my father and my brother. Unlike most of the guests, I brought neither significant other nor children. The room was full of people I hadn’t seen in ages, and I had a great time–and the chocolate cake was fabulous–but I did notice that I was different. I was the only “Lick” in the room. And I wondered how I would behave if I had brought a husband and children. I know I would not have felt as free to wander around the room visiting relatives my marriage family would not know very well; I’d be concerned about their needs. But I worry that I might be a little bit like my dog, who is what some dog owners call a “Velcro dog.” She attaches herself to me whenever possible, doesn’t seem to be happy unless she is touching me. Have I, because I don’t have a marriage family of husband and kids, Velcroed myself to my original family, still hanging with my father and little brother? Is this weird? Or is it sweet? There’s a chapter in my soon-to-be-released book about whether childless women ever grow up.

What do you think? If you don’t have kids, are you less likely to let go of your parents and siblings? Do we ever grow up?

Is “Aunt Sue” nuts? Wait, don’t answer that. Have a great Monday.

I look forward to showing you the book cover on Thursday. The artist is tweaking it today. Childless by Marriage the ebook is coming!