Is the Problem More Than Him Just Not Wanting Children?

If your male partner is not agreeing to have children, even though you want them, is there more to your disagreement then just the baby question? That’s what Beth Follini of the Have Children or Not blog suggests in a recent post. Although they may have valid reasons for not wanting kids in some cases, they might also have issues with commitment, attachment and even narcissism, she says. It’s an interesting thought. I see lots of red flags in the comments here that make me think the man’s reluctance to have children is only one of many problems in the relationship. Know what I mean? Of course, the situation can be reversed, with the woman being the one who doesn’t want to have children. See what Beth says about that.

I’m kind of struggling through this week, so please visit this link and let me know what you think. Beth, who counsels clients struggling with the baby decision, also recommends a book called Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find-and Keep-Love by Amir Levine for more on this subject.