Sharing our childless stories

I have been reading a new book from Australia called Childless: Reflections on Life’s Longing for Itself by Gillian Guthrie. Here’s an article about it called “Grieving for the Child She Never Had,” published in the Brisbane Times. Gillian had two bad marriages to guys whose problems made them bad candidates for fatherhood. By the time she found the man she’d like to make babies with, she was too old. Familiar story? She tells it well. My book won’t be out until next month, so you have time to read this one. I’ll provide a full review when I finish.
I got a note from a Canadian journalist who is writing a series of articles about women who delayed motherhood, thinking they’d have children later, then found they were unable to conceive. She’s looking for women, preferably Canadian, who would be willing to share their stories. If you’re interested or know somebody who would be, contact Lia Grainger at
I found an amazing list of childless/childfree women who have done great things at Pinterest. The list might make you smile.
Finally, I have realized that you ought to know that you can keep up with me on a daily basis if you “friend” me at Facebook, where I’m @suelick.

6 thoughts on “Sharing our childless stories

  1. Thanks for the links! I just downloaded the book on Kindle and began following the Pinterest board. Thank you!



  2. Hi Suelick,
    Thank you for your comments about my book. It's only just been published so it's great to have it out there on other sites. Hope you enjoy it … how interesting that you're writing one too. 'Childless' is an unnerving condition when you hadn't really planned it that way, but over the years I've found it's not actually life-threatening. It can indeed be life-enhancing … took me a while to work that out! cheers – gg


  3. Suelick, I am married to my second wife, she is a divorcee and a widow. I have three grown daughters (20, 21, and 23) who are on their own from my first marriage. My new wife and I want a child of our own; I am 47, she is 38 (she does not have children). Last year we found out her tubes are blocked and we have been going to IVF. The challenge for me is my wife has taken this news very very hard and from my point of view looks at my daughters with a sense of hatred and jealousy. I love my daughters very much and I love my wife very much. How do I tell my wife that the relationship with my daughters is a father relationship? It seems my wife is “scared” that I will run off with my daughters and live with them (she has mentioned to me this before and has had “bad” dreams of this). I try to calm her fears, but it just does not seem to work….I hope we have a child together someday….Love your blog, Thanxs, Marice


  4. Gillian. You're welcome. Your book is rich with stories and good information, and I really recommend it. I like your comment that childlessness is not “life-threatening.” It isn't. I read somewhere in your book about not getting stuck thinking of yourself as a victim. It's good advice to all of us.


  5. Marice,
    I'm so sorry you're having this problem. Having stepchildren when you don't have your own children is difficult for your wife, but they are your daughters, so they are a big part of your life. This isn't easy for either of you. I hope you can find a way to make the best of this situation for everyone.


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