Have You Ever Lied About It?

Have you ever lied about not having children? I have. Well, actually the only time I flat-out lied was in a game called two truths and a lie. The truths were that I was a published author and professional musician. The lie was that I had two sons. I even gave them names and personalities. The other contestants bought it completely. Why not? Most women my age had kids. I won that game.
For years, I wrote for a parenting publication. I did have a stepson at home, but he joined our household when he was almost 12. I wrote lots of articles about children and their problems. Most of the time, I could fit right in. No need to mention that my only claim to the Mom Club was my stepson. People might ask, “Was it like that when yours were small?” and I’d nod. “Uh-huh.” Kind of a lie. How would I know what he and the other steps were like when they were little? I wasn’t there.
The only time I really got into trouble was when people started telling birth stories. If somebody asked me, “How long were you in labor?” well, I was stuck. I had to ‘fess up that I had never been pregnant.
But hey, I write about lots of things I’ve never personally experienced. I just ask enough questions to write the story.
In real life, when you do have stepchildren, even if you only hear from them once or twice a year, sometimes it’s just easier to fall into the mom discussions without bothering to clarify the situation.
How about you? Have you ever let people think you had children when you didn’t?

Sorry I’ve been so slow blogging here lately. I have been immersed in my chapter on stepparenting. Boy, is that a tough one. You love ’em and you hate ’em. Sometimes you feel like a parent and sometimes you don’t. More on that later.