Babies, babies, babies!

At a party last week, one of the women brought her six-week-old son. He’s a cute little critter, but I had no experience to share, and I was not one of the women reaching out to hold him. People’s cats always wind up in my lap, but babies, nope.

A few nights later, I had dinner at a home of a woman in my church choir. I had already seen her personalized “Nana” license plate, but when I walked in the door, her walls were so plastered with photos of her children and grandchildren it made me dizzy. The other guest, who always brings her granddaughter to church with her, cooed appropriately, but I immediately knew we wouldn’t have much to talk about. As she gave the tour of the house, we had to hear who was in each picture and what they were doing, and I began to regret turning down the glass of wine she had offered. It’s a lot like those folks who send Christmas newsletters telling all about kids we’ve never met and never will. When we finally sat down to chat, I summoned the calico cat to sit in my lap. I loved the vibration of her purring against my thighs even as my sinuses clogged up with allergies. Thank God for cats.

2 thoughts on “Babies, babies, babies!

  1. this is an awesome blog and I love the material I've read about that you have provided.I have so much to say about this subject, I have experienced so much rejection I can hardly explain or express it. My own mother died 17 years ago and I'm an only child. I live in a very conservative, Amish/Mennonite county in PA and I might as well have the plague.The worst part is that I moved up here 7 years ago because of my faith. I married a wonderful man that can't/won't have kids (let me know on our 2nd date) and we are complete outcasts because of it. I moved from Fort Lauderdale, FL where I have many friends like me, childless and happy, attending huge churches.It's a phenomenon as sick as prescribing ritalin to every other kid for ADD & ADHD. Something horrible happened to this past couple of generations that started them in on this fixation/idolatry about kids. What's worse is that it goes into adulthood too. My MIL is out of our lives because of her idolatry towards her kids and they are in their late 30's & late 40's.It just doesn't make any sense. But thank you so much for your blog, it helps me to know I&#39’m not alone.


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