We’ll never be chosen

Dear friends,
Thank you so much for the heartfelt comments you have been making at this site over the last couple weeks. I know it isn’t always easy to share, but it helps all of us to know we’re not alone.

Now, just for fun, last night as I was preparing to paint my den, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” came on TV. It’s a pretty good show, except for all the yelling. But it occurred to me as I worked on my tired old house that I will never be chosen for an extreme home makeover. Why? No kids. Have you noticed that every single family on that show has children?

What other reality shows will we not be on? The “Supernanny,” of course, although we could qualify for “The Dog Whisperer”. “Wife Swap” is out. We may be wives, but again, all the people chosen have children. We could be on “American Idol”. We could do “Survivor” or “The Amazing Race”. If we’re young and gorgeous and looking for fame, we could be on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”, but no “Extreme Makeover”, at least not the home edition. We might need personal beauty makeovers, but when you get to my age, it’s usually the daughter who outs her mom, so I’m safe.

As I write this now, my den is gleaming with new “vanilla custard” paint. I feel proud, even though my back is killing me and I have paint in my hair. New carpet next. I can’t imagine my mother doing anything like this when she was my age. Does that have anything to do with being childless? I wonder.

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